Big Slumber EP

by Big Slumber

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released June 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Big Slumber Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Oh No, Not Again
Sitting in a dirty den
Staring at my shady friends
Feeling drunk and plenty bored
One gets up and shuts the door

Oh no, not again

Waiting for my turn to come
Feel the handle of a gun
Watching it go down the line
Wishing that I had more time

Oh no, not again
How long 'til the end

I can't believe
It gets to me
An empty click
I feel so sick

Oh no, not again
There goes another friend
Track Name: Traveling
What do you want to do?
How will you pay the rent?
I hope that you've thought it through
for once

Where do you want to go?
Do you know how to use a map?
And what the fuck's wrong with where
you're at?

You're at, you're at

Now that you're big and grown
and you're calling yourself a man
What do you think you know?
You can't

You can't, you can't

So don't loose your head
You're not a man just yet
You ran, yea you fled
and you called it traveling
you called traveling
you called traveling
Track Name: Ruin Everything
Star light, so bright
Wake up in the sun
White lie, don't cry
Where is everyone?

Let's ruin everything
No one's gonna win
Except you and me
you and me

Sunshine at night
Walking as I run
Untie my mind
Everything is fun

Let's ruin everything
No one's gonna win
Except you and me
you and me
Track Name: Sarah Noël
Sarah Noel, she spends her days
out in the yard, she sits and waits
Piercing the clouds, her dreamy gaze
Crumbs on the ground, they're on their way

But Sarah's birds, they never come
Mother's yard is full of crumbs

Sarah Noel, she parts her hair
straightens the blouse she has to wear
The bus comes around, the kids all stare
She sits alone, she doesn't care

Sarah's birds in foggy glass
Are they there? it's time for class

Teacher's words in Sarah's ear
how absurd, another year
Track Name: You're a Star
Chop down an angry tree
Kill your philosophy
Act like you're one of them
Fear is your only friend
Cover your eyes and pretend

Climb up a waterfall
Laugh when you're feeling small
Act like your shoes untied
Catch up or stay behind
Cover your eyes and pretend

No one can see where you are
No one can hear you at all
Everyone thinks you're a star
Everyone thinks you're a star
You're a star